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Groupe Lafrance

Over 80 years of expertise

Company History

Established in 1935, Paul Lafrance Transport is undisputable proof that a business can survive the test of time by being closely managed by professionals, by being responsive to its clients and by staying mindful of industry trends.

In an effort to continually adapt our services — from a humble enterprise whose activities focused on conventional freight — we began to specialize in container-based transport in the 1980s. Our business plan, our investments and our personnel recruitment strategies all converged to seize a greater part of this growing market.

Relentless in our quest to offer added value to our clients and steadfast about maintaining our reputation as a responsive carrier, we continued to diversify throughout the 1990s in an effort to offer a wide gamut of market-related services. Our first warehouse was strategically built less than 2km from the Port of Montreal.

By 1993, as our business vision began to soar, we began offering specialized turnkey services — a unique offering that allowed us to standout from the competition and to continue to do so to this day.

Today, with four new strategically located warehouses, a mechanics centre, a continually renewed fleet of equipment and a team of more than 150 employees, our challenge is to continue growing in accordance to industry and client needs.

We are proud of our past successes and motivated by the challenges before us. Our ability to customize our services to meet client demand has allowed us to become one of the largest container-based transport and transport logistics companies in Quebec. Our goal is to continue our development to remain first in class.


Build customer loyalty with flexible high-quality customized services.
Innovate to continue offering efficient and cost-effective solutions to give our clients the leverage needed to remain competitive and maintain or improve their market share.

Our Promise

We promise to develop customized solutions in partnership with our clients.
Our professionals will provide their best efforts and competencies towards maximizing response times and minimize your costs.

Our strategies are duly evaluated to promote the agile and efficient deployment of our supply chain.


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