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Dedicated Transport

For greater control over your operations
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An expert carrier

We accept all types of mandates, and this includes the outsourcing of your transports. GROUPE LAFRANCE can offer you a dedicated truck or fleet and provide you greater control over your operations.

Unique Services for Specific Needs

Certain clients have very specific needs and don’t want to be responsible for handling drivers, regulations and equipment maintenance. Our dedicated service is the answer.

You will enjoy the flexibility of a truck and trailer fleet without the costs and constraints of having to undertake any equipment acquisitions.

Our processes and our expertise become an asset you can leverage, without making any investments.


Information and Requests for Quotes

Groupe Lafrance
7055 Notre-Dame Est,
Montreal, Quebec
H1N 3R8

In business for
more than 80 years!

Equipment Fleet

Groupe Lafrance owns a substantial fleet of commercial transport equipment. We also have access to a vast market of specialized equipment to respond to special requests.

Our equipment is regularly and meticulously inspected by our qualified mechanics in accordance to a strict maintenance program aiming to meet the strictest industry road safety standards.

Without a doubt, we’ve got what you need!

  • 20-ft container chassis, 2 or 3 axles
  • B-train container chassis
  • 40-ft container chassis, 2 or 3 axles
  • 40-ft container chassis, quad, 4 axles
  • 45-ft container chassis, 2 or axles
  • 48- and 53-ft container chassis, 3 axles
  • Container chassis with refrigeration unit
  • Chassis for tank container

  • 53-ft van semi-trailers, 2 or 3 axles
  • 45-ft van semi-trailers
  • 32-ft van semi-trailers
  • Heated and refrigerated trailers
  • Underslung platform trailers
  • 26-ft straight trucks; tailgate ( 10 )
  • Commercial truckers ( 25 )
  • Incorporated owner-operator truckers (45)

Our warehouses are equipped with an impressive fleet of lift trucks with a handling capacity of up to 12,000 lbs.

* Don’t hesitate to ask us about any other piece of specialised equipment. We have access to a wide variety to meet your needs.